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Product Description

Majest mix | Bowl reducer for Thermomix®

This new accessory ensures uniform grinding of food, no more forgotten pieces!

The strong points

  • Allows even difficult-to-chop foods and small quantities to be evenly chopped
  • Prevents the formation of dust clouds, for example with powdered sugar
  • Facilitates the gradual emulsification of liquids
  • Cleanliness ! The mixing bowl lid does not get dirty and is ready for the next use without having to rinse it
  • Installs in seconds
  • Compatible with all Thermomix® models!
  • Dishwasher safe and BPA free
  • Sustainable production - Made in Germany
  • Use as a mixing aid

The robot's blades combined with the device's powerful motor make it possible to reduce virtually anything.

But when it comes to evenly chopping ingredients in the mixing bowl, the Thermomix® reaches its limits.

Particularly with hard foods, large, unchopped pieces remain after blending that the blade has not caught.

Easy to use

THE Majest mix is ​​particularly useful for cutting and chopping chocolate, parmesan, nuts, powdered sugar, cereals and hard vegetables to obtain a homogeneous result.

THE Majest mix ensures that the food to be blended is captured evenly by the blade and does not bounce off the blades.

Use as a mixing aid

  1. Put the food to be chopped into the mixing bowl without exceeding the height of the 1 L capacity mark with the food to be mixed.
  2. Insert the Majest mix in the mixing bowl, inserting the bars of the inner wall of the mixing bowl into the fixing aids of the Majestic mix.
  3. Close the mixing bowl with the mixing bowl lid and the measuring cup and carry out the grinding process.
  4. Remove the Majest mix and tap to remove residue from the side of the mixing bowl.

Use as an emulsification aid

  1. Enter the Majest mix into the mixing bowl, inserting the bars of the inner wall of the mixing bowl into the fixing aids of the Majest mix as soon as emulsification is provided for in the recipe.
  2. Close the mixing bowl with the mixing bowl lid without the measuring cup and start the Thermomix® according to the settings indicated in the recipe.
  3. Add the liquid to be emulsified through the opening in the lid of the mixing bowl.

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Made in Germany

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Delivered from France

Prestige quality

All our products have been tested under the strictest conditions, by experts who control the quality of products intended for the Thermomix®, in order to obtain the mention Majest age ( Majestic cap, Majest juice, Majest cover etc...)

We know how valuable your food processor is to you. This is why we guarantee our accessories 100% risk-free for your Thermomix®.

We are proud to already have more than 7,000 satisfied customers!