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Regular price €29,99
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Product Description

Majest eig | Blade guard for Thermomix® TM6 TM5

The strong points

  • Easy to open thanks to the ergonomic recessed handle
  • Water-repellent, dirt-repellent and anti-paste material.
  • The geometric shape makes it easy to remove the dough
  • BPA free and made in Germany
  • TM5 and TM6 compatible

It's a small revolution

THE Majes teig, a real revolution for your Thermomix®, is designed to wrap the blade and prevent the sticky dough from reaching its core , thus greatly facilitating its extraction from the mixing bowl.

Thanks to its conical shape and its clever hollows, the Majest eig kneads and mixes the dough optimally. Once the preparation is complete, a simple rinse with hot water of the blades, Majest eig and bowl is enough, and your robot is ready for new culinary adventures.

Any Thermomix® owner knows : preparing dough quickly is a dream, but cleaning the blades can often be laborious. Sticky dough residue, especially under the blade wings, is tough. Fortunately, the Majest eig is here to solve this problem in the blink of an eye, making your knife sparkling clean in seconds , effortlessly!

Whether for pizza, leavened spelled dough, shortbread or fresh pasta, the Majest eig guarantees you impeccable results. Your knife is protected and thanks to the exterior surfaces of the Majest teig, you get a perfect dough in no time.

THE Does Majest eig impact dough quality?

Rest assured, it in no way influences the quality of the dough. On the contrary, its special design favors the mixing and kneading of ingredients.

THE Majest eig is suitable for dough quantities up to 600g flour (soft dough) and 37°C. For particularly hard doughs (e.g. pasta dough), a smaller quantity of flour is recommended (300 g maximum). The optimal mixing levels of the Majest eig are 2-3 and dough mode. The use of higher mixing levels is not recommended.

Easy maintenance After use, simply rinse the Majest eig with lukewarm water or clean it in the dishwasher at 60°C.

A quality MajestMix

All our products have been tested under the strictest conditions, by experts who control the quality of products intended for the Thermomix®, in order to obtain the mention Majest age ( Majestic cap, Majest juice, Majest cover etc...)

We know how valuable your food processor is to you. This is why we guarantee our accessories 100% risk-free for your Thermomix®.

We are proud to already have more than 7,000 satisfied customers!