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🔄 TM5 & TM6 compatibility

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Product Description

Discover MajestCap , our revolutionary cap designed especially for Thermomix®. It's not just an accessory, it's a transformation for your kitchen. With MajestCap , enjoy a 20% increase in space in the bowl of your Thermomix®, opening the door to endless culinary possibilities, from sous vide cooking to delicate dishes.

Main Features :

  • Optimized Space: Free up 20% more space compared to the traditional cooking disc.
  • Perfect Cooking: Designed for even heat distribution, MajestCap ensures the ideal cooking of each dish.
  • Culinary Specialty: Ideal for delicate foods, transform the way you cook fish, pasta and much more.

Quality Without Compromise: Manufactured by MajestMix, MajestCap represents commitment to excellence. Rigorously tested, it promises safe and effective use, recognized by more than 7,000 satisfied customers.

Reinvent Your Thermomix® with MajestCap: Discover a better alternative to the traditional cooking disk and treat yourself to the culinary experience you deserve.